A simple, affordable route to feeling better.

Throughout the last year, I’ve been working with clients responding to the uncertainty and stress of our dramatically changed lives.  This work has made it clear how beneficial sessions from the comfort of home can be.

Last spring I offered an online Mind-Body Reset, and it was wonderful to support more of my client base. The feedback for the last Reset was positive, and I’ve created a new series of sessions focusing again on topics intended to reset, refresh, and prime the mind and body to move into whatever the summer holds.

Each of the six sessions will include:

  • Coaching the unconscious mind to reframe patterns of thought and emotions
  • Skill-building with brief self-hypnosis techniques to carry into your day-to-day life
  • An extended, goal-oriented hypnosis session (recording of this will be available for download and repeated listening)
  • Playback of the entire session for those unable to attend live

Timing: Sundays and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm, beginning April 18 and finishing on May 5. For each session, I’ll welcome those who can attend in real-time, and provide the playback for all who’ve registered.

Cost: Taking into account the financial challenges of the last year, the six-hour series is offered with a self-selecting sliding scale from $275 to $60. The enrollment form also offers an option to request a full scholarship (and for those in a position to do so, you’ll find an option to pay forward towards a scholarship).