Is there one thing you wish you could change?

And when you begin to create that shift,  what will you feel? 

Take 3-weeks and six sessions to saturate your mind and body with calm, comfort, and gentle encouragement.

At the end of these three weeks, you’ll have established a habit of setting intention, identified unconscious resources for moving through internal and external stress, and “graduate” with less heaviness, and more traction.

Each of the six sessions will include:

  • Coaching the unconscious mind to reframe patterns of thought and emotions
  • Skill-building, brain-training rapid self-hypnosis techniques (For those who have worked with me in the past,  you’ll find each session is fresh and new, though you’ll be reminded of some favorite concepts.)
  • An extended, goal-oriented hypnosis session
  • Video playback of the session will available to view online for three months, and the mp3 of each hypnosis session will be available for download.

In addition to the sessions…

I will be emailing you between sessions and watching for your responses. This allows me to keep your circumstances in mind as I’m preparing each session, and consistent participation between sessions helps you check in with yourself in new ways.

Cost: The six-session series is offered for the cost of a hypnotherapy session: $325.